Training Environment

Our training environment is crafted to push each athlete to their individual potential. 

Athletes are always made to feel 100% part of the team, part of the group of like minded athletes with the goal of self improvement. Amazing breakthroughs happen when athletes are comfortable to make mistakes and learn from them. We feed off each other's energy daily to help achieve individual goals as a group!

Small Group & Team Training

If you are a coach or parent who wants your team to improve their Speed, Strength and Conditioning level call us now! We work with all sports IN or OUT of season! We offer customized programs based on the sport and are able to accommodate all ages and skill levels.


Professional and College Athletes looking to train with other focused and dedicated individuals. Sessions are 2 hours in length and include the components of a typical “Speed Center” session. The two hour time frame allows for individual attention to be brought to the varying needs of each athlete. Athletes will be given an option to focus more on strength over movement skills or visa versa based on their assessment and consult with a coach.

High School

For athletes approx 8th-12th grade. These 90 min sessions are designed to meet the athlete when they currently are and progress them accordingly. Each session will focus on all of the components of a typical “Speed Center” session. Athletes will be progressed based on their skill level and competency of movement and strength skills. Our goal is always to help improve the overall athleticism of the athlete and educate them on how to improve in their daily lives.


For young athletes approximately 5th-7th grade (ages 10-13). These sessions are designed to be fun and competitive. We create a comfortable but no nonsense training environment for young athletes to fall in love with the training process. We teach the skills needed to help athletes as they mature into high school and eventually college athletics!

Private Training

Training that is built specifically for the individual needs and goals of the athlete. With a ratio of 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 private training is the quickest way to get the results we want. A full performance test is included and will tell us exactly which areas of your performance needs improvement. Linear and lateral speed testing, movement assessment and body composition testing.


Virtual training is available and supported using an online coaching app which includes weekly check-ins and monthly programming. Email for more Info!

Speed Kills

Learning how to sprint and change direction efficiently is still one of the most overlooked aspects of sports.

Athletes spend years honing their sport specific skill but very little time perfecting their overall movement patterns. Using sprinting techniques and drills derived from the world’s best track and movement coaches combined with 10 years of experience, athletes can learn how to take their overall athleticism to a whole new level.

Build The Base

Strength is key to building a foundation upon which your athleticism exists.

It is extremely important to build overall total body strength for years before getting caught up in flashy training techniques, The first few years of an athletes strength training life should be spent on working perfect form and technique while improving flexibility. How quickly weight is added to the equation is completely dependent upon the skill level, progression and background of each athlete.

Advanced Training

When an athlete has shown mastery of basic and intermediate training skills the sky's the limit on the different programming that can be applied to improve performance.

The type of program varies based on the individual athlete and his or her goals. Through the use of proven periodization techniques and specifically tailored programming all goals are attainable.