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"The difference between good and great is an attention to detail, an unwavering passion for the job and an ability to grow daily."

-Coach Dave Pavia

Small Group & Team Training

If you are a coach or parent who wants your team to improve their Speed, Strength and Conditioning level call us now! We work with all sports IN or OUT of season! We offer customized programs based on the sport and are able to accommodate all ages and skill levels.

Private Training

Training that is built specifically for the individual needs and goals of the athlete. With a ratio of 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 private training is the quickest way to get the results we want. A full performance test is included and will tell us exactly which areas of your performance needs improvement. Linear and lateral speed testing, movement assessment and body composition testing.

Coach Dave Pavia

Owner and Head Performance Specialist 

With 17 years of experience in Strength and Conditioning and Speed Training, Dave has worked with hundreds of athletes at every level of Sport.

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The work that Dave has done with Taft Boys' Lacrosse in the six years I've been the head coach has been simply outstanding. His ability to meet athlete's where they are is excellent, and his knowledge of his craft is evident in everything he does. I would recommend him to any team looking to gain an edge. His expertise will help you become a bigger, faster, stronger and more confident athlete in the weight room and on the field.

Nic Bell

The Taft School


My daughter Katie has trained with Dave going on three years. Dave played a large role in helping Katie reach her high school track and field goals.  Katie is now competing in college and trains with Dave when she is home.  

Katie and Al Bruno

Seymour, CT


I owe a lot of my growth as not only an athlete but as a man to The Speed Center culture. It is a place where I receive reliable and consistent high level training from some of the best minds in the world. It has created a foundation for myself and prepared me with the tools to play my sport at a high level.

Anthony Ireland

Waterbury, CT


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Los Angeles, CA


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Los Angeles, CA


The Speed Center is located on 40 Union City Road in Prospect, Connecticut.

We offer multiple performance based services at The Speed Center. Therefore the best way to get started is to fill out this intake form and a coach will reach out to you ASAP.(CLICK HERE FOR INTAKE FORM!)

There is currently no commitment on how many days a week you attend the group sessions. We understand that most athletes have a very busy schedule that fluctuates from season to season so we want you to be able to attend when you can! 

There is currently no expiration date on the sessions you purchase. 

Yes. Although we are “The Speed Center,” Strength and Power Progressions are an important and necessary component to developing speed. We provide strength training programs as a part of our groups and other services. 

Like many things it depends on many factors. Each athlete is different and doing different sports with different practice and competition requirements. When not, “In-Season” it is safe to recommend a 3-4 day/ week attendance as out workouts are not meant to “Destroy” the athlete to to  point that they cannot function normally in a sport setting on the following day. 

We always aim for an 8:1 athlete to coach ratio in our group sessions 

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40 Union City Rd, Prospect, CT 06712

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